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About Debonaire Select Hair

Our company was born out of the very need you are facing now.  Twelve years ago, the founder was surprised to learn how excellent of an option hair extensions were for women who, like herself, wanted to grow out their natural hair.  What she also quickly discovered is there was a great disparity in the quality of product being made available.  So she set out on a personal journey to find the best quality of hair she could find at the best price.

Her quest took her from local hair retailers to wholesale distributors in her area to the source.  After months of heavy research, she established a relationship with a manufacturer in Chennai, India, she then set out the best Virgin Indian Hair to consumers who, like herself, wanted a product of the very best quality and value.

“A woman’s hair is her pride,” says DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. founder.  “Our mission is to establish a relationship with each and every one of our clients.  I want them to understand that we’ve been there, and that we’re passionate about using what we’ve learned on our journey to make sure every customer is satisfied with every purchase.”

The vision for DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. goes well beyond great customer service and a superior quality of product.  Passionate about helping women look and feel their best, DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. will also be partnering with various community organizations to provide our products to women in need whose physical appearance has been altered or affected by a medical condition.

Our Virgin Indian Hair

We purchase all of our hair from Chennai, India.  We entered into this partnership after inspecting not only the quality of hair we are bringing you, but the conditions under which the product is manufactured. What we’ve found is literally the best of the best. Because of its versatility, Virgin Indian Hair has become the industry preferred hair for extensions and wigs.  Because the hair we sell is 100% human hair and each bundle is drawn from one individual, no two packs of hair are ever the same.  But that is hardly a concern for our customers.  With proper care, your purchase of DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. can be washed, colored, heat-styled and reused for as long as two years.  We provide hair that is unprocessed or treated in any way, guaranteed not to shed or breakdown.  Before hair is distributed to customers, it is inspected, shampooed and deep conditioned.  We insure quality hair is delivered with every order.  All of our cuticles are kept intact and in the same direction, therefore we can promise you a tangle-free experience for the life of your purchase.  Due to its healthiness Virgin Indian hair is easier to manipulate, manage, and treat.

We are so pleased with the quality of product and service we have been able to provide our Virgin Indian Hair customers that DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. is currently in the process of establishing similar relationships with manufacturers of other high demand hair extension products like Virgin Brazilian and other various textures to be available in the near future at the most reasonable prices for our consumers.

Each 4 oz. bundle is equivalent to one pack of hair.  Two packs are recommended if choosing a length 18 inches or less. For lengths longer than 18 inches we may recommend a third pack for fullness.  The longer the length of hair, the shorter the width of the track end to end, this means you will need more hair for more coverage for more volume and fullness.  Our virgin Indian hair maintains its quality so if you have some hair left you can always use it at a later time!

Texture Pattern Disclaimer – Because of the distinct nature of virgin human hair, two bundles of hair are never exactly the same.

Natural Color Disclaimer – Our products are not processed or colored so our virgin Indian hair only comes in the natural shades of 1B (Off Black) and 2 (Dark Brown).  There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker.

Since DeBonaire Select Hair is 100% human hair, it can be dyed, using permanent, semi-permanent and cellophane colors.  However, we recommend you to consult with an experienced hair care professional for such treatments.

For additional information, please contact us or visit our DeBonaire Select Hair, Inc. FAQ page.